domingo, 6 de julho de 2014

Pesgalaxy Patch 2014 2.60

- Includes new DLC 7:00 and 1:16 exe
- Correct squads for all World Cup teams
- Correct kits for all teams World Cup
- World Cup Theme selectable via a switch
- Many new Faces in particular for World Cup teams
- Updated boat Pack
- All exen updated
- Support for World Challenge

Added Complete Bundesliga with correct kits (all GDB), logos and cadres -
Added Premier League corrected Team names and logos and kits (all GDB) -
- Complete MLS with correct kits (all GDB), logos and cadres added (appearance of the players worked, is corrected in the next update)
- Liga ZON Sagres team names corrected and added logos and many kits
- Corrected all fake national teams and classic teams
- Uni GDB Folder added with kits for many unlicensed and new teams
- League and Cup corrected logos and names
- Premier League and Bundesliga transfers and missing players created (will be further updated, with the latest Konami DLC)
- Approx. 300-400 ingame editor Faces
- Approx. 200 new real Faces for all leagues
- Some Pesgalaxy exclusive Faces (Sahin, Raphael V. Kadlec, Maxim and more)
- Tactics by Klashman
- La Bombonera and Prince Abdullah al Faisal added stage
- New ball pack
- New bootpack
- New Referee Kits
- New adboards for all stadiums
- Created FileLoader compatible and complete with FileLoader
- New 13/14 UCL / Supercup / Europa League Adboards
Contain DLC 7:00 -
- 1:16 exe supported
- Online compatible
- In addition to other patches installed (self-Save folder, own exe)
- New Switch
- Controller Button Switch (PS3 and Xbox buttons)
- Logo Switch (13 different logo styles)
- (Etc. easily integrate your own MP3s) Menumusic Switch
- HQ exe by Jenkey selectable via switch
- Easily add new logo packs to switch to the Switch Manager.
Pesgalaxy Patch 2.50

Pesgalaxy Patch 2.60 (2.50 required!)

Pesgalaxy Patch 2.60 Fix

Pesgalaxy Patch Stadiumpack 1.00

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