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FIFA America's Patch 13 Released FIFA 13

The 2013 version of FIFA America's patch is a complete overhaul of the store purchased FIFA 13. The patch/mod adds over 10,000 players and 400 teams representing almost every domestic league in South, North, and Central America. If you only like playing with Euro teams then this patch is probably not for you although you never know until you try. This patch is playable in ALL FIFA modes and will be in English and Spanish Es languages.


All menu text changed to reflect new leagues and new regions.
Accurate current rosters
Real Stadium Names
Real Coaches
Real referees from North, South, and Central America
HD Kits for all teams including up to 3rd,4th, and 5th kits for some teams.
Adboards for each league.
Specific balls for tournaments and leagues.
Banners for many teams and flags as well.
Boots by Alex 10
Faces by Team FIFA Argentina for some players.
league and Tournament specific adboards with Revolution Mod already included

Tournaments Included in Patch, more may be added:

Copa Libertadores
Copa Sudamericana
Recopa Sudamericana
Copa Argentina
CONCACAF Champions League
Canadian Cup
World Club Cup
Lamar Hunt US Open Cup
Domestic Cups for every league



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